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What is botanical bas-relief?

Botanical Bas-Relief is an art form re-pioneered by Rachel Dein of London.  It captures fine veins and the delicate textures of the plants.  There is a sense of perspective, depth and movement.


The process of botanical bas-relief

This art form starts with a slab of clay. Fresh botanicals such as flowers or tree branches

are pressed into the clay and then removed to give a very detailed imprint. Fine grade plaster is then poured over this.

To get a finer finished piece I take this first relief  and edit it by sanding, filling and shaping. Once visually successful, I create a silicone mold and pour a final relief with  hangers for wall display.

Adding a finish to the piece

This final piece is sanded and then painted. Some finishes contain metals that verdigris with acid. Others are hand layered with oil-based, acrylic color and paint containing metals . Each piece is then sealed.

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