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What is the Botanical Name for Rose?

Roses are not only a beautiful flower but they also carry an interesting name. In this post, we’ll dive into what that name is and break down why it’s so special. Get ready to discover the wonders of roses!

The Name of the Rose Flower:

The name of the rose flower is “Rosa.” It comes from a Latin word which literally means 'rose.' Did you know that there are more than 300 different species of roses? Some wear red, others pink, yellow or white. Each one unique in its own beauty!

Where the Name Came From:

It’s no new kid on the block! The use of “Rosa” dates back quite some time. People began to refer to roses by this name a long, long time ago. Scientists eventually found out that there are many, many kinds of roses which fall under one group called “Rosa.”

What Roses Look Like:

If nothing else comes to mind at least their pretty petals and sweet aroma do! Their colors vary but they generally have the same dreamy look and smell good all over. You can spot pointy leaves on some with thorns growing out of their stems while other stems are smooth as silk. You'll find them either sprouting from bushes or crawling up walls like vines.

Why Roses Are Special:

Artists go crazy for these flowers because they inspire great works of art. They're used in aromatherapy as well to help people relax and get happy vibes going on. All we do is sniff and breathe deep right? Something so simple can make us feel amazing!

We appreciate the greatness too! In fact we take things a few steps further by creating all sorts of cool items inspired by roses. Our botanical art and diffusers smell just like them when they bloom best! Place them around your home for an enchanting smell that’ll never fade...because they don’t require batteries or electricity!

Knowing that there are more than 300 species of roses gives you a lot to appreciate. From admiring their art to letting the smell of their oil relax your mind. We all use our senses in different ways but it’s interesting how roses can appeal to almost all of them! Thanks for joining us on this journey into discovering the wonders of rose flowers and we’ll catch you on the next one!

Botanical Name for Rose Picture

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